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#1 Airport to get stranded on

Here's an off-topic thread:

What is the single BEST airport to get stranded on, if you're going to get stranded in an Airport.

Ive flown to a miriad of Airports, and I have to say neither beats Philly International. Very comfortable, modern facilities, very well kept, anything you want to eat they'll have it, a handful of real nice bars, mall shops, 30 mins from downtown Philly... 

Logan Airport was very well kept and neat, but the people werent as personable, and I didnt find as many bars, although downtown Boston was just a breath away.

Orlando Airport is obviously warmer than others, and has a host of shops where you can get these neat Orlando T-shirts, lol, but the bars weren't anywhere nearly as good as the ones in Philly international, and the chicks were for some reason just not as hot. The facilities weren't as modern (umph, you had to actually click a button to fluch a toilet or stall, whereas in Philly as soon as you get up the toilet flushes automatically. However, the views outside were gorgeous with Palm trees, and places such as amusement parks, and a famous park full of bars and entertainment places was close to the airport(whats the name of the place?). However, I found that of all airports, and especially because I only flew as long as there was a seat available there, Orlando international was the hardest one to get a flight out of. It was just too damn busy, and I almost had to sleep there after missing 2 of the 3 last flights back to Philly (I caught the very last flight with only 2 seats open out of 130).

 Chicago Airport was the worst. Weather was always dull, the city wasnt that close to the Airport, way too busy, and aside from german food stands selling some sort of weenies, I had a hard time finding a decent place to eat, much less a bar. 

 For those flying US Airways, the single best Airport is without a doubt Philly. Most of their fleet is there at any given time, which means more possibilities of getting to where you need to be if one flight is cancelled. The new terminal is real comfortable with plenty of stuff to do/eat/drink. It became kinda routine for me to leave Philly with a few beers and a Long Isle Ice tea, lol.

 LOL, hows that for Airport review? Anybody have their own reviews to add?


Norfolk International will always hold a special place in my heart. It was there that I bumped into Clipse at Godfather's Pizza. We were on the same flight too. I sat in the row ahead of them. Funny dudes. When I asked them why they were flying on such a shitty plane (think that bird in Major League), they told me they were trying to save money. I nodded and glanced at the Gucci jackets and several thousand dollars worth of ice. Yeah, all THAT's economical.


I was stranded in Amsterdam just a few months ago.

Yes, best place. Trust me.


Schiphol, in Amersterdamn is a huge, very modern airport. I've been stranded there a couple times, and it was pretty fun.


Rumbach lol I wouldn't mind being stranded anywhere in amsterdam.


Aloha: For your consideration, Honolulu International has a large tropical garden cradled between two of the main terminal wings and another a the interisland terminal. They have has huge over arching trees, blossoms of eye popping color and nose winning fragance and gigantic koi the size of toddlers. Just the occasional jet roar to remind you where you are.


Okay, I'm going to be a bit nit-picky here. If you can go into the city, it's not really being stranded at the airport, is it? When I think stranded at the airport, I think stuck there, unable to leave. A few that stick out in my mind: Changi airport in Singapore, the airport in Vancouver. That's about it. I hate airports, I felt like I spent half my childhood in them.


I agree with Paul 100%. Changi and Vancouver, in that order.

I once spent 16 hours on a layover in Changi, and was very happy the whole time. That says something.

Also, the new airport in Incheon, Korea ain't too bad. There are some decent bookstores and you can get a great massage. Plus, Korea is wired, so you have free Internet connectivity.

Let's face it, US airports just don't measure up. Although Miami and Portland aren't too bad...


Worst Airport = Detroit Poorly laid out and hard to get anywhere in.


The airport in Barcelona is pretty nice, but the food is lacking. A lot of airports in Europe are bragging "same prices as in town" in their stores... pretty nice to be able to shop at reasonable prices. I actually bought a new pair of Timberlands there.


If I didn't live in Philly I would vote for Philly but I guess I can't get stranded there.

My vote after that is Sansgster in Jamaica. It's a dive but I love the food, one decent bar that's fun and the people are a blast.


Louisville International, it's 10 miles from home... if i get stranded there, i can just drive back :slight_smile:


Getting bumped is one thing, being stranded is another entirely. When you're discussing having nicer toilets in one airport, you assume that you'll be able to use the toilet without standing in line for 45 minutes only to find there's no toilet paper - anywhere. When you're talking about having a nice diversity of restaurants and bars, you're assuming they won't turn you away after standing in line for 3 hours and being prepared to pay $8 for a single McDonald's cheeseburger. Gee, almost having to sleep in the airport...

Try being snowed in. For 81 hours. Restaurants run out of food, 38 hours after doubling prices. Babies have no diapers and their parents are tying Banana Republic shirts around their poor little bums. People are buying paperback books and ripping the pages out to wipe their asses with since there's no toilet paper. The constant blaring PA system... Mr. Adams, Mr. Paul Adams; Miss Brown, Miss Stephanie Brown; Miss Cappat, Miss Susan Cappat; on and on and on and on... Every garbage can is overflowing and reeking. And cranky people? Don't get me started.

Denver. October 1997. Sucked.


 Well I dont know what Airports you've been visiting, but...

 I never had to wait more than 5 minutes to place an order at ANY restaurant at ANY airport. It usually took about 15 minutes to get my meal done. Same thing for bars.

 Now, Ive never been stranded for 81 hours - Ive been stranded for only an overnight. However, most airports are within very close reach to a city. F.ex. Logan Airport is within 15 mins of Boston. Philly INternational is within 30 mins of Philly. You get the point - food and supplies will keep coming to the airport regardless. As for raising the prices because the same people have been stranded there for several days... I'd  personally book a room at a hotel, but hey, different strokes for different folks, I guess.


I HATE all airports in general, esp. small ones, but I do like the following airports:

  1. ICN
  2. SFO (Only United Terminal -- Terminal 3 or the International Terminal)

And if I get bumped and it's not my fault, depending on where I'm going, I let the service rep know that I'm NOT at all pleased and call my travel agent ASAP to book another flight out of the place.

Yes, the joy of corporate travel. I'm to fly at least 50K more miles this year for work (excluding my vacation to Asia this year). This is ill!