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I have a couple bottles of 1-AD left over from when prohormones were about to be banned and MAG-10 was all sold out

I tried a bottle a while back and it turned out the stuff was really effective though I wasnt really using it the way was supposed to what with complete training, eating, etc. regime in order.

Now that I know the stuff works at all, though, I would like to know more about how it works. As I understand it the stuff is not alkylated or wtvr but that it is highly available straight orally. This makes me wonder though -- does it take a week or something for it to stop being filtered out by liver due to the "first pass" phenomenon or something?

what do the rest of you think about this stuff in general anyway? It seems to get incredible reviews on oother sites, much better than many other popular ones like Superdrol for example.


bump. Noone knows anything about the ol' Ergopharm 1AD? I thought it was like the most famous one other than MAG-10


I tried a 3 week cycle, bumped my cals by 800, and gained 5lbs... kind of weak from what everyone was saying. Some of that was obviously water. I couldn't even tell you how much muscle that was. My piss wasn't bright yellow as opposed to what some of the other PHs made me do. I think one of the reasons it is so poopular is advertising and "word of mouth". As far as it being an alkyloid or whatever, I don't remember.


what was your dosage? i am starting a cycle at 200mg but one week gets up to 600mg and then taper back down. i hope to see good gains... 6week cycle.


I'm sorry, I can't remember the dosage on the bottle. I took it...probably... 6 years ago. I remember taking the max dose of 3 caps for the entire time.