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I have a few bottles of 1-AD I want to take and want a good stack for muscle gain and fat loss. Right now Im 5'10 207lbs and about 17%b.f. Ive done a sustanon 250(pre-load) and deca(pre-load) cycle in the past and it worked great, but Ive lost some gains since then. The only thing I have in mind with the 1-AD is a protein supp.(200 grams a day), glutimine peptide, thermogenic fat burner and maybe a nitric oxide product. Do you have any suggestions or maybe some tips that can help me out. Thanx


i am on my second week of a 1-ad and 4-ad cycle i am taking my 1-ad like so
week 1 300mg
Week 2 400 for 7 days
3 500 for 7
4 600 for 7
5 700 for 3 days, 800 for 4 days
6 800 for 4 days, 700 for 3 days
7 600 for 4 days, 500 for 3 days
8 400 for last seven


1AD can cause drowsiness and lethargy. That, with the 300mg per day standard dose.

How have you felt with the higher doses of 600-800?