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1-AD Question!!!!

Rooster, do you know what the impurity causing the stomach pain is?
Why do you assume that an impurity causing internal pain in
the body is harmless? If you have reasons I’m not aware of,
please share, but it sounds like you are making
assumptions that just have no basis.

For sure there is no way that Biotest would release a
product with some unknown impurity that causes a problem
of any kind in the body, and then cavalierly say, oh, it’s
something left over from the chemical reaction, we don’t
know what, but we’ll get rid of it in future batches. To me that
is highly irresponsible. It seems you have a different
opinion. Personally, if you do, I’m glad I don’t consume any
products manufactured by you: I’d want to see a little more
responsibility and knowledge of what you were doing than
what’s being seen here.

But go ahead and use it, just so long as you have
considered the above things and it is informed decision on
your part to consume some unknown contaminant that
causes stomach pain (and no guarantee that it doesn’t have
other less obvious effects.)

BTW, I think your point that “no one has died yet” is little
reassurance given that the product has only been on the
market a few weeks. Yes, chances are it won’t KILL
anybody but certainly, there’s no way to be confident that
some unknown contaminant that causes stomach pain
might not have other serious adverse effects.

What’s bothersome to me about this, besides the irresponsibility and the possible hazard here, is that there are probably those out there – those who cruise here from other sites – who actually think I am saying this “as an attack”
rather than as being the way I’d view ANY new supplement
that was being sold despite having some unknown
contaminant causing stomach pain (or any other sign of
toxicity.) Well, to anyone who concludes that, you can lead a
fool to water but you can’t make him drink… I can’t wise such
a person up (if that is the case with anyone.)