1-AD Question!!!!

Another thing is that all this work was done in the 50s and 60s (a very small amount in the 70s.) Today the drug designer would certainly develop anabolic steroids differently than was done then. However, developing new anabolic steroids, or re-evaluating old ones is not something that any pharmaceutical company is the slightest bit interested in today for economic reasons – potential financial reward would not match the enormous cost that today’s regulations impose on the process.

And when it comes to pure research, neither the National Institute of Health nor anyone else is tossing out money for research in new androgens. Or even any significant money for basic science in natural androgens, where there are still some major gaps in knowledge.

There’s a lot of good science that never gets done for reasons like the above.

I doubt anyone in the next 20 years will ever fund research to detemine
potency of various synthetic androgens in skeletal muscle anabolism. The best we can do is observe results on ourselves and others and make estimates.