1-AD Question!!!!

In previous reply, I missed your idea of “Testosol.” Minor point, the name would be extraordinarily misleading because 1-AD is no form of testosterone nor does it convert to any form of testosterone, but rather to a DHT derivative. “DHT-1-ene-osol” just doesn’t seem to do it as a name. :wink:

Secondly, the 1-AD, being a dione unlike 4-AD which is a diol, has NO intrinsic activity. And so therefore unless there was massive conversion to DHT-1-ene, I don’t see how it could be as effective as high blood levels of 4-AD are.

I would be surprised if oral use can’t already saturate the responsible conversion enzyme, 17b-HSD, so just getting more into the system via transdermal delivery would accomplish nothing.

(In contrast, with 4-AD it does accomplish something to go past, indeed far beyond, the point where the conversion enzyme is saturated because the 4-AD itself is active.)

So no, there definitely will not be a 1-AD topical spray sold by Biotest. Nor any 1-androstenedione product for that matter (at least, not with me as the designer since I am certain I have better :wink: