1-ad & Noraandriol stack

I am thinking about starting a cycle of 1-ad and Norandriol together. Any suggestions on the dosages for say a 4-6 week cycle. I train in the mornings (around 8am) after eating breakfast at around 7am. My starting body stats are 132lbs at 8% fat. Thanks in advance for any advice.

Starting at 132lbs I would say food would be a better choice first. There is no magic pill. Take that money you are spending on the PHs & buy food.

Thanks for the concern, but I am an experienced lifter and am well aware of what I am doing. I may be 132 lbs but I am only 5’2" tall. I am very good with my diet, eating 6 meals a day and watching what I eat. So if anybody has any advice on the original questions, that would be great.


lmao, nah dion is 5’2 215 at 27%.

seriously bro 5’2 or not i still think food is your best bet. i have a friend who is 5’3 and competes at 175.

I’m with P-dog. Sounds like you need a change of program and a change of diet. Besides the conversion rate of PH’s is low, if at all.

not to suck biotests proverbial cock, but the mag-10 is probably the best choice for any kind of PH. Although, from what I am hearing, and soon to be trying, is that the methyl 1-test is great. although you would want to add some 4ad to that anyway.