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1-AD Laws?


Hey there, i am currently looking for a job in the Gov't and I know that they will be asking me lots of past drug experience questions...Anyone know if still using/possessing 1-AD is against the law, or is just buying it? Sorry if this has already been asked, but I cannot find it on the seach. Thanks for any help


as far as I know, 1-AD prior to january was a legal pro-hormone that could be purchased otc. To buy or possess this substance now is in violation of the law. So it is illegal to purchase, possess or manufacture such a compound.


Thanks for the info bro


Thought this was interesting, from

Q: After the 20th of January, do you expect to see consumers arrested by the cops for getting caught with a stash of prohormones that they stocked up on?

A: Unlikely in the near future. While anyone who possesses the newly controlled products will be a drug criminal, for now the products will be controlled only at the federal level (with very limited exceptions). This is important, since most steroid cases are brought in state courts, not federal courts. If the products aren't scheduled by state laws, state courts can't prosecute them as a controlled substance crime. Unless and until individual states pass legislation to make their laws consistent with the new federal law, which could take several months or even years, state authorities will have little incentive to go after prohormones.

Q: What about the Feds? Will they start going after prohormone consumers?

A: Possibly, although it's doubtful that this would be an immediate priority for the DEA. Although the federal government can prosecute possession of any amount of a controlled substance, under the current U.S. Sentencing Guidelines (the system that determines federal criminal punishments) you'd need 12,500 prohormone tablets just to reach a Base Offense Level of 8 (0 to 6 months imprisonment, with straight probation available if a generally clean record), and 50,000 prohormone tablets just to reach a Base Offense Level of 10 (facing at most 6 to 12 months imprisonment if a generally clean record). So, although the maximum sentence by law for a first offense will be one year in prison, probation will be probable in the overwhelming number of potential cases.