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1-AD And Superdrol On E-bay


Just thought I'd let all you guys that are jonesing for 1-AD and Superdrol know that it's on E-bay. They are listed under Ergopharm and Anabolic Xtreme SD.

In the fashion of AR and Rainjack
I have no financial interest in these auctions.:slight_smile:


Is it already baned now?

DPS still sells it so I didn't think it was.


Was Superdrol always expensive? Looks like 60 caps is almost $60 at DPS. They are sold out of the 90 caps.


What reputation do these prohormones have? Any good results to be had?


At that price wy not just convert some test from syno h , and get the real stuff. or get some stealth injectables if you want to take a little itty bitty more risk.


There is also a bottle of MAG-10 on ebay.co.uk. However, at $180 it's cheaper to have chat with my local and stock up on Deca/All test 350 and HCG.


Good point, it was cheaper then that in the fall when I tried it. I think the 90 cap bottles were about $40 or so.


Supply and demand. Anabolic Xtreme discontinued Superdrol a while ago so whatever is out there is it and people are paying gooooood money for it.

"Do you think they know something?"

"The Duke's are gonna corner the market"