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1-ad and gyno troubles

I started a cycle of 1-AD about 2 weeks ago. I read in numerous places that it wasn’t an aromatizing steroid, so I decided I would not bother getting an anti-e like clomid or nolva until after my 5 week cycle. Problem is, after a week and a half, i started noticing major hair loss. I aborted the cycle, and I ended up feeling puffiness in my nips the day after. I started on the 6-oxo, since that’s all i could get my hands on, and have been on it for 4 days or so. I still feel a little puffy, and i can feel some swollen tissue right under my nipple. I won’t be getting clomid or nolva from my source for at least another week, which leaves me with three options. I can get back on the 1-AD to try and boost my androgen/estrogen ratio (not sure if it would help), stay on the 6-oxo alone and wait for the clomid/nolva, or take 1-AD with 6-oxo until I get my stuff. Any suggestions will be appreciated. (I know, i shoulda had the stuff on hand, but murphy’s law is a bitch, I never expected hair loss)

if you are having gyno problems why on earth would you consider resuming your cycle?

Well, the gyno problems came about after my cycle, because 1-ad supposedly doesn’t aromatize. I have heard of androgens like winstrol being used to alleviate gyno, and I was just wondering if the 1-AD would provide a comparable effect. There was no way in hell I’d start the 1-AD again unless I was sure that it would help antagonize the estrogen. I know it came off sounding like a dumb question, but I should have phrased it more clearly. Thanks

as far as i know 1ad isnt suppsoed to aromitize. however imo any time you add androgens to your body you have to be prepared for this type of situation. for example tren by itself has caused no problems for me at all. 4ad by itslef has not caused any problems either. i added them together and bam puffy nipples and a small lump. in other words “shit happens.”

you need to get some nolvadex, i dont think clomid is necessary because i doubt that your test production has been shut down after only a week on 1ad. however it wouldnt hurt.

if “real” drugs arent an option you can orfder some M from biotest or get down to gnc and get some vitex. adding a natural test boster like tribex may help as well.

next time have this planned out before you start.

Yeah, I agree, I thought I had it all planned out but shit does happen. I just wasn’t aware the 1-AD had such strong sides, my ass may as well have been doing the real stuff, i’d be more prepared. Believe it or not, the 1-AD did shut down the boys a little bit after a week and a half, I have been taking Tribex-500 along with the 6-oxo. I have never tried M, I may go do that along with the 6-oxo until the nolva and clomid get here. Thanks for the input.