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1-AD and a Government Job

Anyone heard of anyone having a problem with 1-AD and testing positive while working for the governemnt with their drug tests?

They don’t test for steroids do they??? That sounds pretty hardcore. I would assume they just test for weed, opiates, cocaine, amphetamines, benzodiazepines…

My stepfather is a doctor and part of his job is to do drug testing for companies (usually oil companies). None test for steroids. He uses a test strip that tests for the above substances, if any of them test positive he does a more thorough test.

I don’t know about American government jobs but I can tell you that in Canada testing for steroids is not common.

A crazy chemistry professor friend of mine went to Texas to help with some sort of chemistry crap on an oil rig. Anyhow they were paying him big bucks to work there for two weeks. Once he got there they demanded a urine sample, he would have tested positive for loads of crap since he on occasion would make and take ecstacy, smoke pot… He told them that he would take the test but he would not start working until the results got back (would take a few days) and that during that time they would have to pay him. So they let him skip the test. I guess the moral is that Americans are pretty hardcore about drug testing.

It would all depend on what the gov were testing for specifically and how long 1-AD stays in your system.
Someone on this site once said that 1-test stays in your system for 3-6 weeks. Don’t know if that’s true or not, but I would be interested to know how long it does.