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1-6 workout

Poliquin Rules!!! I just did my first workout tonight using the 1-6 workout by Poliquin. I have used this theory before during Kings super strength 12 week program but it was mixed into other things so I didn;t really notice how it worked that well. I am doing the fat fasat and my wprkopouts have been kinda flat lately with jno pump. But today while stilol on the fat fast I had wicked cool pumps that are still lasting(.5 hours later) and I feel like my muscles were trashed like never before.
Anyone lese had results with this program? Wanna post em???
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It kicks ass. I suspect all of his Maximal Weight protocols do, although as of yet all I’ve used is 1/6 and Wave loading. The 5% Solution and Fast-Twitch Drop sets look facinating. As soon as I finish with the Get Buffed program, I’m on Max-Weights… bigtime. Goddamn, I have to fit some Westside in there as well, and I’ve got the EDT Arms book coming. Information Overload!

You’re using a lot of machine weights right. I read into that program and I just wouldn’t have patienc for taking weights off and putting them back on every set, say on the bench press. Or did I misunderstand something?

I have used the 1-6 protocol in the past with great success. I was able to increase the 1RM on most of the lifts used by around 8-12% (a few as much as 15-20%). Granted, it was quite early in my training life, but it was still some great progress.

Seriously. I find my self wanting to switch workouts every week even though I am loving the ones I am doing. Too… many…good …programs arghhhhhhhhhh

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I know what you mean. I made some of my largest gains using the 1-6 principle. I put a little less than five lbs a week onto my lifts. Too bad I ruptured a disk in the last week and then had to take 6 months off. I don’t know if it was the trap bar deads of the lack of ab work that caused it. I would say the ab work. Make sure you add that into the program. Just my two cents.

No I am doing the same exercises as in the article. It doesn;t really bother me to switch the weights. Only difference is I am switching trap deadlifts for regular ones because I don;t have access to a trap bar.
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