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1-6 principle

I plan on starting the 1-6 principle (as given in t-mag) in a couple of days and was wondering whether any of you have come up with any alterations or additions that have proved beneficial? Thanks.

I’ve found that using the 1-6 principle on only one movement per workout – keeping the rest of my routine the same allowed me to improve on that lift drastically. Hope this helps, mack

Yeah, start it after doing something with a higher rep-range and lower rest intervals such as German Volume Training or German Body Comp.

I added a fourth day to hit the abs, calves and rotator cuff (not using 1-6 protocol). This extended it to a six-day split.

Don’t bother with the program. Use the contrast principle/6-1/post-tetonic facilitation or whatever you want to call it, as part of Ian’s programs that he has outlined. Other matters are taken more into consideration. You do NOT want to try to max out on every set of sixes and ones in reality. Unless you are a freak (and I know one of them), you are unlikely to gain if you do. IMHO, ok?

Scott, it’s really not your place to tell him what to do and not to do. He simply wanted advice because we was already planning to do it. Besides, had you thoroughly researched what exactly you’re talking about, you’d find out that the 1 rep part of it is not a true 1 RM and is more like a 2-3 RM that you do only once for effect. Let the guy do what he wants.

Thanks Doc, but it really wasn’t necessary to be my bodyguard. I appreciate all of your input, including Scotts! Thanks.

I found the original program too taxing and couldn’t make any gains on it. Then I changed it where the first 1 rep set I could easily do 3 times, then I drop the weight and do 3 reps with compensatory accelaration (fast), next set is a little closer to my real max, then the last set I do for 6 and is the only one I get fatigued at. Then I up each weight 5 pounds each week for 3 weeks. It works really well.