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1,6 principle

would 1,6 principle training be a bad idea after a 2 week Mag-10 cycle(Two-a-day training AM: 5x5 PM: 8-12 reps then weighted GPP)? In other words should I follow a program that doesn’t train my nervous system in the way 1,6 does?

I like this question… after a cyle 1/6 would appear to me to be a good way to keep intensity high while reducing volume. Someone talk to this man!

thank you…just bumping it up

Maybe this question would get more answers on the steroid forum.
Sorry I cant help, I like the question though.

IMHO, it would be one of the best choices you could make. You need a few weeks of heavy training after a cycle to optimally retain/solidify your gains, and 1/6 certainly fits the bill! I did a month of maximal weights (generally sets of five) after my Growth Surge Program and kept all of my gains. I say go for it for about two or three weeks, then switch to something with more volume/less intensity. Good luck!