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1-6 Principle; Replacing Leg Curls


I'm about to start the 1-6 principle. I was therefore wondering what to replace the leg curl with? My uni gym only has a uni-lateral, standing leg-curl machine. Or would that work?


What is the 1-6 principle?


[quote]Therizza wrote:
What is the 1-6 principle?[/quote]


Stiff leg or Romanian deadlifts. I prefer the Romanian.


[quote]thekast wrote:
Therizza wrote:
What is the 1-6 principle?


DAYUM that’s an old article lol.


Ive used the 1-6 principal before. Its pretty cool, mainly because it does actually work, well for most exercises.

I didnt have much success with squats using it. If i remember it had the biggest effect on my floor press.


Rofl that coach is quite amusing !

Best of luck with it, hope it goes well