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1-6 Contrast with Max Reps?

What would you think of doing the 1-6 method where you do…

90% x 1
85% x Max reps
90% x 1
85% x Max reps
90% x 1
85% x Max reps

Just for the purpose of trying to increase the rep max each time after the 90% sets when your nervous system gets more and more awake?

I think I would like doing 85% on all sets better than doing 75% and 80% on the first 2 sets.

Just wondering what your thoughts were.

Thank you!

I. haven’t tried it that way, so it’s hard to comment. One thing I will say though: if you go to failure with 85% performance will decrease in subsequent sets even with the potentiation effect.

Ok. What about just doing sets of 5 or 6 reps with 85% for all sets without going to failure?

I could be wrong but I think if I start out with around 75% on my first set that would be too easy for 6 reps and would almost be a wasted set?
Just my opinion. If you tell me do it as written I will

I dont know what neurotype I would be but just doing all of the sets of 6 with the same heavy weight fits me better than to do the 2 sets of 6 with a lighter weight leading up to it.
I have always trained heavy and low rep low volume and get good results.

4 to 6 reps and 6 to 8 reps double progression gives me best gains

As a reader I feel I resonate with you Zach somewhat, usually when I’m trying to find something you’ve already asked it. Recently I’ve been doing short two week blocks where the next is somewhat similar but it scratches a certain itch. I periodized my main lifts by the way it was done in The Undulating Periodization Strength and Size Program. Since you know where you make decent gains maybe you can cherry pick from there and try and retain the pendulum between accumulation and intensification.