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1.5ml Depo Test Every 2 Weeks. Not Seeing Results

I was put on 1.5 ML of DEPO Test every two weeks is this a good dosage in feels very light to me. For the amount of time I spend at the gym I still haven’t seen much difference. I can lift a little more and feel better in general I’m just wondering is there anything I could take or do to up the dose or see better results in my work out.

I work out pretty hard right now thanks.

Saying 1.5ml doesn’t tell us anything. Doses are measured in mgs. And every two weeks is a horrid dosing schedule. This is through a doctor, correct?

Thanks for your interest in this. I am in Canada so yes that is 1.5ml this is through a doctor and he sent me home with a 10ml bottle. I go to him for the injections. I’ll see what the conversation
Is for the 1.5 ml to mg.

So here is the conversation it was pretty easy to google 1.5 ml = 1500 mg :man_shrugging:t2:

What we need to know is the concentration of the Test. Most are 200 mg/mL some are 250 mg/mL, etc. This will tell us how much test is in your 1.5 mL

How many weeks have you been on this dose? It does take a while for the testosterone to build up stable levels.
Your Dr should prescribe a blood test to see where your testosterone levels are.

125mg/week seems to be pretty standard for trt.

Hope that helps says 10 ML on box

“Our healthcare system should look more like Canada’s”
-super dumb Americans

Somewhere it says how many mg/mL

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Maybe by the third picture we will finally know


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