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1.5mi in 9:00

Anyone out there run 1.5mi in 9:00? Or 3mi in 18:00? Or close to it?

How long did it take to get there? What was your training like to get to that point? What’s your training like to maintain/gain? Weight, height, age, training age, etc., all helpful. Any other information welcome.

Ran a 9:25 1.5 and a 18:47 3mile. Interval training is the secret. Militaryfitness.com has a “drop 2mins off your PFT” article. Took me from a 21 guy to a sub 19 guy.


interval training is the secret. its really not a secret… not at all. do your intervals, but after you put in some base work. lots of base miles. then do your longer tempo runs, your hill repeats, your shorter intervals, then your fast sprints… those who jump right into intervals, (which most do) to try for the shortcut to fitness, usually end up injured. take your time and progress slowly.if you only have a short time for this 1.5 mile test and 3 mile test, then you are to blame for putting your correct training off.
good luck

I ran 3 miles in well under 18 minutes, my pace for 10 mile runs was 6 min per mile, and don’t have a 1.5 mile time but I ran a 4:30 mile. I was also 125-130 pounds at the time. The first step was lots of roadwork. Interval training came later. And for that distance interval training will usually be 400 and 800 (yes, 800) meters.

I haven’t done neither, but I think weight age and previous experience are your biggest determining factors

Last summer I did 8.29 at 17 stone - pretty much the peak of my cardio fitness ever. Specificity was the key; I had run the route loads of times and knew exactly where I needed to be at what time. In terms of training I was practicing running at the correct pace ie for 9:00 it is 90 secs per 400m. Here’s a potential program as an example, obviously changing depending on your current level:

Week 1 - 6 x 400m @ 90 secs w/ 3 mins rest
Week 2 - 6 x 400m @ 90 secs w/ 2 mins rest
Week 3 - 6 x 400m @ 90 secs w/ 90 secs rest
Week 4 - 8 x 400m @ 90 secs w/ 90 secs rest
Week 5 - 10 x 400m @ 90 secs w/ 90 secs rest
Week 6 - Rest
Week 7 - 2 x 800 @ 3:00 w/ 3 mins rest, 4 x 400 @ 90 secs w/ 90 secs rest
Week 8 - 3 x 800 @ 3:00 w/ 3 mins rest, 4 x 400 @ 90 secs w/ 90 secs rest
Week 9 - 4 x 800 @ 3:00 w/ 3 mins rest, 4 x 400 @ 90 secs w/ 90 secs rest
Week 10 - Test

Variables to play with are:

-Number of reps
-Rep distance
-Length of rest time
-Total distance run
-Total time spent running
(-Speed of reps - be careful with this as you will then NOT be practising running at the pace that you want to, although going faster will help you tolerate the lactic acid)

I’d normally do one of these sessions a week, and then a sprint session of 100-400m best efforts. Then strength and other conditioning (last year mainly rowing and swimming) would fit in around that.

It’s eminently achievable - just unpleasant! But progress is easily measurable.

Like Bane, all that matters is the plan.

I used to run 8.14 1.5mile but have since gained about 4 stone and now do it in about 8.45… I will run maybe once per week, but always include speed work and hill reps where possible. You need to get above the lactate threshold for short periods, rather than just hovering around it. Hope that helps you.

Agreed. But you MUST LEARN the pace, and every 400m segment should take the same time (except the last one when you can ramp it out and go for a little extra). This takes real practice.

It’s also hugely satisfying 1 mile in when you overtake people that sprinted off at the beginning.