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I ran into this stuff on the net and the seller said this stuff is 1-Test. However, the 1-test in mag-10 starts with 17 something. Is this the same stuff? Is 1-5a really 1-test? Also, would there be any kind of advantage injecting 1-test?

Good question! I was wondering the exact same thing. I also ran into some other retails claiming that. Bill? anyone?


While there’s a preferred method of steroid
nomenclature, in fact you often have
variants. In particular, the order that
substituents are mentioned, often varies
from that which is preferred.

The best naming for the compound in question


Now, that’s quite long. Since ALL active
androgens that don’t have a 4 or 5 double
bond (as this one does not) are 5alpha,
and since ALL active androgens are 17beta
not 17alpha, to be shorter we write:


However, anyone who names all these substituents but in a different order,
as above, is naming the same thing.

Of course, we’re providing the ethylcarbonate
ester in MAG-10, which the above seller is

If you wanted to make an injectable, let
me dissuade you for each of several reasons.

Oil solubility will be very low, and if you
provided an oil solution, the half-life would
be very short, a matter of hours. You’d
need to inject several times per day.

One could overcome the duration of action
problem with a suspension, but this is not
at all easy to do.

The purity of the product will almost certainly
not be adequate for injection. A1-E is made
from Androst-1-ene as the starting material,
and at the current time my understanding
is that there’s only one factory producing
it. That product is by no means pure enough
for injection – you’d have to have the
facilities for purifying it to a pharmaceutical standard.

It would be far more practical to use
an available, already-pharmaceutically
pure anabolic steroid; or to use MAG-10.

Also, I just have got to comment on this “1-test” nonsense.

It’s on the same level as calling, say,
androstenedione “17-testosterone.”

(Actually, that name makes a little MORE
sense than “1-testosterone” does for
If they’d done that I’d guess they’d have
sold a lot more.

Pure and simple: that name is fraudulent,
chosen for sales reasons and nothing else.

It’s not a testosterone and is not a testosterone derivative.

The way these things work is, to name
something new, you pick something known,
then name where it’s changed and what
the change is.

For example, you could have “1-methyltestosterone.” That would be testosterone, but with a methyl group
on the 1 position. Simple enough.

This compound isn’t testosterone based
in the first place, and secondly, though
there is a “1”, this “name” doesn’t tell
you what change is made there. There’s
only one substituent name that appears,
and that’s the “one” of testosterone,
but there is no “one” at the “1” position.

If people want to lie to sell product, fine
I guess, but c’mon, you don’t have to perpetuate their lie for them!

End of sermon.

By the way, speaking of injecting A1-E:

PLEASE don’t get the idea of injecting
MAG-10. While the various components chosen
to make the emulsion for oral use are
absolutely fine for taking orally,
there’s no telling what would happen
to your muscle if injected. For all I know
it could be absolutely disastrous.

That should go without saying though.
MAG-10 is definitely oral-use-only.