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1.5 Years Training, 6’1 & 190 LBS Bulking

Looking good… I’d suggest emphasising more on legs though; people tend to neglect them, but nice quads will really emphasise a nice X shaped physique. Girls appear to like well developed glutes… hammies need to be developed to factor out muscular imbalance

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Yep, you may not be skipping leg day, but you kind of look like you are skipping leg day. Overall, looking good.

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@mannyman850, I feel like if you spent more time telling us anything about your training and diet and less time posting random context-less pictures of yourself on the site every few weeks, you’d get more input.

Nevermind the fact that you pretty much completely ignored the guys who did chose to give you advice. That’s a lame move.

Anyhow, I took the liberty of throwing these together comparing some Feb pics to the recent ones. Seems like you might’ve dropped some fat, possibly. Other than that, think about delts, triceps, calves, and calves.

Also, quit the posing. Competitive bodybuilders spend months learning how to pose right and it’s meant to highlight strong bodyparts while downplaying weak parts. If you want an honest and accurate assessment, simply stand with your arms down at your sides just like the second to last pic in your first post - that’s the most accurate way to judge progress.

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Lmao well that’s some good advice, not gonna lie I partially do this for an ego boost, but I agree I’ve been trying to train my calves and shoulders more often and with more volume both heavy and light weight training, my diet has gotten better, do you have any certain regimens I could follow, with only free weights?
Thanks for the stern and honest advice, it’s refreshing instead of being surrounded by yesman who call my huge and jacked all the time.

Don’t you get enough ego boost already by:



What’s your goal? What’s your lifting history, what’s your training look like right now, and what’s your diet look like?