1.5 Years 150->210->185

I’ve been hitting the gym pretty hard for the past year and a half and I think I have made some good gains. I gained a little to much fat the first bulk and now I am trying to add like 10 lbs every 6 months or so and it seems to be working well. Any areas I need to work on?

Here’s about 200lbs about a year ago.

After my cut at 175.

I have added about 10lbs bulking slowly over 6 months.

Bench 220x5
Squat 305x5

That is a pretty neat pose your doing on the last pic.

[quote]Wilmernuts wrote:
That is a pretty neat pose your doing on the last pic.[/quote]

sweets for my sweet :smiley:

decent progress but i think you lost a bit of muscle on your cut.

how tall are you and what are your lifts like?

i’m guessing 5’10-5’11

I’m 6’ 190 right now, I think I did lose a little muscle during my cut my lifts dropped 5-10lbs and I did lose 35lbs. I cut for like 3 months. I started eating 2800 calories and day and at the end I was eating about 2300 with a 33/33/33 split. Right now I eat like 4000 calories but I dont really keep track of the split although I get at least 250g of protein a day.

My Lifts are
Squat 305x5
Bench 220x5
Deadlift 315x5 (I’ve been getting my form right so i haven’t really been progressing here)
Seated OH Press 150x5

My routine right now is a 5 day split

Day 1 Power Upper
Bench 5x5
Pendlay Row 5x5
Seated OH Press 5x5

Day 2 Power Lower
Squat 5x5
Deadlift 5x5


Day 3 Hyper Chest/Tri/Shoulders

BB Bench 4x10
DB Incline Press 4x8
Weighted Dips 3x8
DB shoulder Press 3x8
Tri Extensions 4x8
DB Flys 3x8

Day 4 Hyper Back
4x8 Pendlay Row
3x8 Rack Pull
3x8 Wieghted Pullup (can only add 5lbs lol)
3x8 Seated Row
3x8 Pulldown
3x8 DB Curls
3x8 Hammer curls

Day 5 Hyper Legs
4x8 Squat
3x8 Lunges
4x8 Leg Curls
3x8 Standing calf
3x8 Seated Calf


Looks good, I would increase your protien a bit.

250 is on the low end if your 190 pounds.

Id shoot for 300.

A decent job all around, now try to get to 220 and cut down to 200.

Then go to 230 and cut to 215.

Anyways you get the idea.

Do some arm work, they are fucking tiny.

If your 6’ that chick in the first picture must be fucking tiny.

great job, keep it up

sweet 5pack u got there

u looked better before the cut

add more food +squatts

[quote]hardgnr wrote:
Do some arm work, they are fucking tiny.

If your 6’ that chick in the first picture must be fucking tiny.[/quote]

LOL! I thought he was like 6’6 from the first pic.

Really need to hit the arms man.

Yeah i wasn’t too happy about how much weight I lost with the cut, I think I just had less muscle than I appear to have in those pics. Anyway I’m bulking again. Ill try to put more emphasis on my arms. Should I just train them twice a week with isolation?

Show the wheels.

I can’t lie, arms do not come too easy for the tall guys. I’d know. But, they might not be THAT small. I mean you have to remember, 17" (like mine) look tiny on someone 6’ or 6’2". It’s relative.

I do direct arm work and gained 3 inches, but they still look really small for my height. His may look small, but they could be what 16-17"?

drink more milk

Good job on the process. same thing happened to me a few years ago when I cut too soon…It’s like, shit! where did my size go!!! The great thing about it is you now know how to do it, and can effectively plan how big you want to get before you cut again.