1.5 Rep Technique

When using 1.5 reps technique, how many reps per set do you usually do? My typical range on regular reps is between 8-15. Should I shoot for lower or just stay the same? Thanks.

Whatever gives you the best pump, even try 5x20

Yep, that’s about as safe of a range as any. Maybe slightly higher if squats/dumbbell laterals/reverse flyes though.

I like using these on smith squats. Ramping weight by about a quarter per side 10, 8, 6.

I just stay the same bro

thanks for the replies.

[quote]jskrabac wrote:
I like using these edit when i try and destroy my spine with end edit smith squats. Ramping weight by about a quarter per side 10, 8, 6. [/quote]

seriously, horrible exercise and then you are staying in the range that will cause the most harm to yourself. 1.5 reps can be great but that exercise is a bad idea no matter how you look at it. at least if you dont want to injure your spine.

and that’s fine if anyone wants to think its a great exercise. i will let you debate with dr stuart mcgill. he is a leading expert on spinal biomechanics in the world and he has proven the exercise is bad for you. so by thinkings its good you think you know more than someone that studies the spine for a living and is considered one of the most knowledgeable people on the planet on the what is safe and not safe for the spine.

It depends on why you are using that technique. If your goal for that exercise is qualitative (e.g. correcting a lagging muscle group… for example doing a the double contraction at the peak of a row to better recruit your back or at the top of a squat to better recruit the VMO) then you should do 2/3rd of your normal reps (so 5 to 10 in your case).

If your goal with this technique is quantitative (e.g. get the biggest pump possible or just add more overall size) then keep the same number of reps you would normally do.