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1.5 Inch Gain in Waist. How Much Fat?


I dont know my body fat percentage, but recently have ended a bulking period of about 3.5 months. I have gained about 12 lbs of scale weight and my lifts have all gone way up. I know ive also gained fat due to the 1.5 more inches of fat on my waist. Im 32, 6,1 198 lbs, any good estimates about how muc fat i gained vs muscle in that time?


Nope - maybe posting a picture would be better than a vague description. And who knows exactly what you gained unless you're tracking bodyfat - it would be hard to say. Water and glycogen can account for a certain amount of weight.

It would be easier to give you an idea with a visual....


Youre right of course, I dont have any before pics. Just wondering according to some other peoples experiences for a ball park figure.


What do you want to hear?

I always think to myself when I read a post like this that we are playing a game of "Pick a Number."

Is it a 7? No... How about 8?


Some of that could also be just having more food in your stomach from eating more. 1.5 inches really is not much of a difference. If your lifts have actually gone way up, you're doing it right.

And I second the pictures. Take some now, so you have something to compare it to later.


I weighed my self at the same time in the morning for a few days and averaged the measurements so its accurate. I know its not a scientific question and has tonnes of variables, thanks for the responses. considering ive upped my deadlift by 80lbs, and my squat by 90, it cant all be fat.


Take it for what it's worth, but the results of my two "bulks"

172-202 waist from 33-37
175-190 waist from 33-35

I'm not including my newbie gains or going from my original 140lbs to 150, then to 160, then to 170, then to 180, then back down to 165, and back up to 175, etc.

Those were just my "ok, time to gain some fucking weight" attempts.

FWIW, I'm back down to 175 and have a 31 inch waist now. I've had injuries, setbacks, bullshit, etc in the time between all of these so its not like I went from 140 to 172 to 202 back down to 175 up to 190 back down to 175.

Edited: each time I bulked I didn't track progress with a tape measure or pics.. I was just focused on scale weight. I will never do that again.