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1.5 Days of Winny Oral


Well.. that sucked.

I took 5x5mg tabs of Winny on Monday, and 3 yesterday, adding it into what has been a great cycle of Test and Tren.

The farting was almost debilitating. I thought I was going to shit myself every few minutes.

It also palpated and dehydrated me the same way MSG does.

I don't see myself trying that again.


Ummmm.....? What?


Exactly... it was not what I expected.


I haved never experienced this with Winstrol tabs, and Ive taken upwards of 100mg per day.


It could just be me.

I'm pretty confident with the source.


could also be your diet, or a reaction to the filler.


I got the same problem, Im on Test e and deca now, I added winstrol after the third week (5 days ago) and Im farting like never before.
Steroids REALLY do give side effects which ain't listed, LOL.


For sure, especially if you use ancillaries from research chemical companies. Some of their liquid products can leave you actually smelling like chemicals, and very, very gaseous...


Could be the filler... that makes sense. This is definitely UG Lab stuff.

I thought it was something I ate Monday night, but the palpation and dehydration came back Tuesday night. I'm pretty in tune with how my body reacts to food, especially MSG.

Anyway, I think I'll just stick with my injectables for now.


maybe it would be possible brewing an injectable out of tabs? it would be nice to see a stickie on brewing techniques,...UG shit isn;t cutting it no more. Plus powders would probably make it past custies easier.

sorry for the hijack OP


I would hesitate to make injectables out of UG lab oral tabs. I would worry what they used as a filler, somethings should not be injected.

Pure powders...obviously we brew injectables from those on the regular.


do go on... haha
how??? hoowwww? teach me lol. Seriously though I'm at the point where Im sick of bathltub brews from UGs. It's a hit or miss. People complain of pain , swelling, etc. fuuuuuck that. I remember not being able to walk for a week my last cycle. Is there a thread somewhere? I can't seem to find info on techniuques ANYWHERE. Good ol Google search isnt helping.

I know a few things. Too much powder will make the solution crash, I know what oils to use, but the actual technique of combining the two plus BA % vs ammount of solution is all a mysteri to me. LEts start a brewing thread, or PM . Either or. I just need to be pointed in the right dirrection.


We have a number of threads on brewing, Its actually pretty "simple" for many compounds, although it can get a bit tricky and alot of trial and error and patience is helpful.

Meso's forums have a pretty extensive collection as well.

We really should sticky a bunch of brewing threads.