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$1.4 Million Car


The Aston Martin One-77

Just saw this in a magazine and had to post it!

1,000,000 euro ($1.4 million) for a car! It makes you wonder who these fuckers are (the people who can afford such items).

Beautiful car nonetheless!


I think car manufacturers have a bet to see how much they can get retards to pay for a car. Nothing justifies charging hundreds of thousands of dollars for a car nevermind $1.4 M


Nice looking car, but not worth 1 million. I can't think of any car that is worth a mill, and I love cars.


They are only producing 77 by the way, hence the name. They reckon most will be sold into private collections and never see the light of day. But I am sure some bell-end will be seen driving one.

Imagine driving something that expensive down a busy street or even out your own driveway? Think of the stress and anxiety of scratching it or doing somethig worse!

Some people have too much money! (wish I were one of them :slight_smile:


IMHO, price and "worth" have nothing to do with one another. I have an Armani suit and a Joe Banks suit - they fit about the same and are made from the same material, but one cost ten times more than the other one....

We pay for STATUS. In our society a large part of a person's status (right or wrong) is derived from his perceived wealth. One could argue that just about everything we do in life is affected by or is affecting our status.

When someone pays $1000000 for an Aston Martin, they aren't thinking, "gee I just got a great deal on this car".

They are most likely thinking,"That's right, Mutherfucker, I OWN this bitch! and yes I am fucking the European supermodel in the passenger seat"

(at least that's how I feel when I wear my Armani suit! LOL)


Hundreds of thousands is a completely reasonable price for many cars. So much time, effort, and high-quality materials are put into building many high-end cars, such as Ferraris. In addition to that, many of them are limited edition and customers are on a waiting list , and would gladly pay more to get the car.


1.4Mil? Wtf is the body made of white gold or something?

Fuck this shiz, Lambos ftw!

good find tough.


Bugatti Veyron cost at least as much and that was being sold at a LOSS...


Perception, reminds of working for the cable company back in the day and seeing a nice ass Caddy or Porsche out from of some burnt out crack house who's cable is getting turned off because they won't pay $19 a month. But they got their nice ride so when they're in the streets people think they got theirs.


Massive development costs that cant be spread over many cars plus all the retooling and hand assembly as well as the exclusivity.


Talking about an "investment".

A nice car none the less


For the same money you could get a Rolls Royce Phantom and a very nice house, that to me sounds like a better deal.