Mr. Bill roberts
What is your thoughts on the Prohormone(1,4-androstadiene-3,17-dione).
I have been reading a lot of pretty impresive results from this on other sites. What is your expertise on this and would it be good to stack with My mag-10.Also there is a newer 5aa prohomone out that is the alpha version. It is called 3-Alpha. What is your take on this also. Thanks again.

Because of using different ways of expressing
the chemical name, these can be difficult to find on the search engine thought they’ve been discussed a lot.

The first, sold as Equibolan, sounded like
an interesting and potentially promising idea when introduced by Bill Llewelyn. The quickest way to explain it is that this compound is to boldenone (an anabolic steroid) as androstenedione is to testosterone. Unfortunately, in practice it seems to work no better than androstenedione, except that it does not have aromatization problems to the degree that androstenedione has.

Quite a few T-mag readers have used it and
no one has ever reported a good result.

I tried it myself at very high dose transdermally and got nothing out of it,
nor did I get anything orally.

As for making a 3alpha diol prohormone of DHT, which is the second thing you’re asking about, this is rather silly at best, since DHT is itself an ineffective skeletal muscle anabolic. And I don’t think I need to tell you that increasing DHT levels is probably not the best thing for you hair or prostate.