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Has anyone ever used this stuff? The full name is 1,4-Androstadiene-3,17-dione. Supposed to convert to Boldenone. Only info I could find with the search engine was Old; Bill Roberts didn’t have much good to say about it. People on other boards seem to like it, but they’re probably retards.

If anyone has used it, please post your results.

Anyone who just has a good grasp on chemical structure and whatnot, what kind of other issues could this stuff bring up? Aromatize? Could it affect the hairline?

Thanks for anyones help.

I’ve used it from impact nutrition and molecular nutrition. While I didn’t gain a ton of weight(5-6 lbs) I was leaner and more vascular than I’ve ever been. However this may have had more to do with my high training frequencey. BTW no increase in appetite like the real deal EQ.

Thanks wideguy.

I forgot to mention in my first post that my main reason for having interest in this compound was appetite stimulation. Was looking for something to stack on a M-1-T cycle.

Interesting results, but not what I wanted to hear:( Thanks again; anyone else have anything to add?