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1,3DMAA a Vasoconstrictor?


Based on the feedback here, I'm considering trying 1,3DMAA pre workout but I'm hung up on the fact that it's a vasoconstrictor. I want my veins to be open so nutrients will get to my muscles. Someone please educate me


nutrients will still "get to your muscles" despite the 1,3DMAA.

if that is your only reason for not taking it, forget about it.

tons of people on this site alone pound pre workouts full of vasoconstrictors and still grow just fine... that includes quite a few of the bigger guys too


Be more concerned with headaches. Geranium gave me BAD headaches: my case is not common. Order it.


The amount of energy given will be far greater than the amount of constriction from the 1,3DMAA. It's great stuff...take it, be happy.


1,3DMAA is bro.


I definitely have to take breaks from it. It losses it's effectivness if take it pre workout for weeks on end


1,3DMAA any suggestions on a cost effective way to get it. Should I create my own Jack3D


Re-covered, you should be able to order caps of pre-measured 1,3DMAA on the internet. Knock back some caffeine with 1,3DMAA and you'll be good to go!

This is what I used to do as I found Jack3d could be hit and miss (the contents settle etc). Also with Jack3d you're paying for filler.


I bought DMAA and have used it pre-workout for maybe a year or so. Not non-stop, just on and off.

I find that you get tolerant to it really quickly, for me after a week or so I have to up it or stop using it. 25mg is a nice boost, 50mg can feel like mild doses of illegals. You need to take it with caffeine though for these effects. It's like Pseudoephedrine in that way.

I'd suggest trying it, but make sure if you get caps to get 25mg doses as I could definitely see 50mg being too much for a lot of people to start off of. Also make sure it DMAA, and not Geranium. They're not the same. One is a plant derived (tincture I think) version with a variable amount of the active chemical, the other is just the active chemical (DMAA).

Personally I've found my best sessions have generally been when using this stuff, before I've built a tolerance.


agreed. i accidentally bought geranium. 120mg doesnt do all that much


Thanks for all the help... SERIOUSLY!!!


The only side effect that it gives me is the inability to urinate as well. True story...I'll try to take a piss after my session and I'll stand there for like 10 seconds before anything comes out.

This only happens if I take 1,3...


DMAA gives me serious ED that lasts 1-2 full days. I like how I feel on it, it's just too bad it puts my weiner out of commission


has anybody experienced suppressed appetite using 1.3DMAA