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1/3 of a Gallon of Milk While at the Gym


Basically I am trying to finish my bulk strong and get at least another 10 lbs. I know bodybuilders in the 70s did this and wanted peoples opinions. 8 grams of proein per serving and the fast digesting carbs in the milk would be perfect to spike insulin and such. Plus its like 700 cals during every workout.


throw some bcaas in it and do it with fat free milk while in the gym


If your stomach can handle that during a workout....then go for it, I'd say.

Or you could just save it for PWO.



I don't know if I could handle over 40oz of milk in me while working out. I would just stick to Surge/Anaconda/whatever during and then pound the milk down afterward or even throughout the rest of the day.


fat free milk for sure. I dont think this is a good idea though. Lactose is not ideal. Niether is the casein protein.


I tried drinking milk during a workout once, not an experiment I plan on repeating any time soon.


I slam milk before and after without issues, during is up to you and your stomach


Go for it, i used to drink a quart of chocolate milk during my workouts. Gave me a nice energy rush. Only when trying to put on weight though, i stop when the weather gets nicer out.