1/2ml of Test a Week, Will It Do Anything?

i want to do test to get a lil bigger but not to fast im just looking for a little boost. would 1/2 ml of test for 10 weeks do anything or would it be a waste?

too much for a first cycle. Use 3 drops of test per week

[quote]jimbopv123 wrote:
too much for a first cycle. Use 3 drops of test per week[/quote]

Woah woah woah bro…hes not trying to look like Ronnie and get pancreatic cancer to boot…your recommendation is just wreckless

assuming its test e. thats only 125mg per week. that may give u an extra boner a day thats about it. not worth suppressing ur natural test for almost no gains. if u dont wanna look like u take steroids then dont take steroids lol.

How old are you, what kind of test are you talking about, and how much mg per ml ?

Telling us 1/2 mL means nothing with the amount of test per mL… Or rather even what ester test you’re running. I’ve seen test E available as low as 200 mg/mL and as high as 400 mg/mL.

Regardless, why even pin such a low amount of test? You won’t see much, if any, effect from that low of a dosage but you’ll still suppress your natural test production.

Use Gaspari Novedex XT, the advert says it can increase testosterone by 600% so it MUST be true.