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1/2 Serving of Superfood


My wife and I are starting to take Superfood. However we can't afford to each use a full serving. Instead, we came up with the idea of just taking 1 scoop for the each of us per day instead of us both taking 2 scoops.

This way, one bottle will last us 28 days instead of only 14.

This may be a stupid question but is this worthwhile to only take half a serving per day?


One serving is 10 to 12 veggies and fruits.

Do you think the effects of 5 or 6 veggies and fruits will be more beneficial than zero?
Most likely.


Biotest Superfood supplementation is worthwhile at half a serving per day.

It's no different than asking yourself whether half a daily amount of antioxidant-rich fruits and/or vegetables is worth consuming for their micronutrient and phytochemical content.


Cool, thanks guys. Ya, that's what I had in my mind, 1/2 serving would be 5-6 servings of fruits and veggies which is still great.

I was just wondering if there is anything special about consuming 5,000 of orac factor at a time.


level 5 and can't afford it? man up... just kidding.

this is what we have done.

also, I take Flameout, where as she takes another cheaper brand. stuff gets expensive for just one person, let alone 2.


Do what we all do.
Buy what you can, when you can.


I've always used one scoop because I eat fruits and veggies every day. I figure this one extra boost is helpful and I always put it in my midmorning yogurt. Now I can't eat yogurt without it....tastes too sweet without!