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1/2 Serinvg MAG10 = 1 Serving 4AD-EC

I have a few bottles of Mag 10. I wanted to diet down with them and was wondering if you could say that 1/2 a serving of Mag 10 was sufficient for preventing the catabolism of muscle for lets say 1 month (equiv to 1 serving every day of 4AD-EC)?



That may be a function of how much 4AD-EC there is in a serving of MAG-10. You could be getting half the 4AD-EC you think you are getting. Check the labels in the Biotest store.

there is i think 200mg 4-ad and 100mg a1e in mag-10. I would rather go straight 4-ad-ec since I don’t know if half a dose a day of mag-10 provides a sufficient dose of each steroid.