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1/2" Needle Daily Injection Backflow

I’m using 30g 1/2" insulin needles to do daily injections (was previously doing EOD). I prefer these needles because there’s no “stick” and no noticeable tissue damage. However, I’ve been getting a bit of backflow after removing the needle (maybe 1-2mg). I know other guys use these needles. Any technique advice?

If you pulling out 50mg of testosterone, you need to inject the same volume of air first. You want to keep the pressure balanced.

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Sorry. I’m referring to backflowing out of the stick site on my quad. Just a little comes to the surface of my skin. Is this common?

I’m pulling 14mg for daily injection and some leaks out of my skin after injecting.

There are some things you can control in life, this isn’t one of them. There’s nothing you can do about it.

Sometimes I get no backflow, sometimes I do, but it doesn’t affect my protocol one bit.

Ya it’s common. Crissler has a video where he shows it coming out. He jsut swipes it off and licks his finger haha. Don’t worry about it.s it’s 1-50th of what you put in. Or do I’m instead. Otherwise it will happen…

I used to apply light pressure as soon as I pulled the needle out and that helped.

Wait 20-30 sec before pulling needle out when u done.


I used to have these issues as well. I just started injecting much slower and then sitting there as they said here for a bit before pulling it out. Has never happened again. I think it takes me about 2 minutes to do my injection because I go slow, once it starts to burn and build up I stop and let it calm down and relax. Then I do more and repeat this for about 2 minutes. Has worked great for me.

I always load my T syringe with 10ml of HCG first before loading the T cyp. This way there’s never any T left in the syringe and if anything comes out of the injection site it is HCG not T.
I’ll finish off my HCG dose using a 31ga syringe post T injection.
I hope that helps.

What about bleeding? Is it common to have blood rush out after removing the needle? I’ve noticed since my doc went up on my dosage that blood tends to come out more frequently. Could the T be pushing more blood to the surface or am I getting “better” at hitting veins?

Did You mean 1ml HCG, not 10ml? HCG water is lighter than oil, so theoretically it should float and be injected last. Is it different in practice? If that so, will it be good to add injection water to siringe to make sure all of T is injected?

A little Blood and sometimes / more often the cypionate I injected comes up. Take your time injecting and hold your thumb finger lightly over the injection site.

injection site seems to affect how much blood comes out, along with some level of randomness. I ALWAYS get some blood when I inject delts. Not nearly as much with quads.

I also don’t worry about a little gear trickling out at the end. Not a huge deal.

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My bad. I ment .1ml or 10units the first major mark on the syringe. Yes T cyp is oil and HCG is basicly water so they don’t mix.


Draw hcg first then pull all the way back so you can push air into the t Vial t stays at the front of rhe syringe only thing is when the last of the oil passes through the needle the plunger Wii suddenly have little resistance so you have to prepare for that so you dont blast the hcg in like a firehose