1/2 Inch Needle for IM TRT

Trying to find if shallow intramuscular with a 29g half inch needle in (my case) delts/pecs is fine.

Keep reading the same things on the internet from ‘medical’ resourches… they all claim “the deeper, the better”.

So… anybody with experience or some sources regarding differences between half inch compared to larger needles in regards to serum testosterone levels?

presuming you are lean, you’ll be fine.

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Works for many of us.


For anything other than glutes that will basically work. No issues as other stated. You will probably want to purchase the pin/needle combo with a larger drawing needle and switch to the 29ga for injection. I used 25ga 5/8 for my delts and it’s painless.


I have used 1/2 insulin needles for a long time. Delts, quads, calves. They work fine.

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This has been my experience. But your mileage may vary. Try them all and pick your favorite


I’m sure it could work as already stated. I used a 22 to draw and a 25 to inject but used 1" in glute

Every once and a while I’d have some tracking from a bad pin but whatever you do…DO NOT PIN YOUR PEC

Made the mistake of doing this one time after a shower in the bathroom and the result was me feeling like I was in a remake of a cheap knock off remake of the movie CRANK with Jason Statham and me thinking to myself…“this is how they’re going to find my body”

I’ve argued with my fare share of doc’s and pharmacists with needle sizes…but once I explain that a 21 / 22 is like taking a core sample of your ass and that I’m not interested in feeling it till my next pin, they get it.

I hope 1/2 works for you but I would always go with 3/4" you dont have to go that deep but if you want to try it or if the needle comes out a little, it’s less likely to track.

Good luck!

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I inject in my pecs for some time now, never ever did i have any issue… it’s my favorite injection spot. So not sure where your weird reaction came from, but my guess is it’s just psychological. Muscle = muscle.

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All of our guys using twice or more weekly dosing use 1/2in 27g. Serum levels are fine. Personally, I’ve used 1 1/2 in, 20g, 1 1/2 in 22g, 1 1/2in 23g, 1 in 23g and 1/2in 27g. If your volume is .5mL or less, the 1/2 inch is fine. I would go that shallow with 1mL.


For my perspective if i may ask; who is ‘our guys’? Are you a coach?

Any preference of injection site when it comes to once a week to twice a week? Hardly ever read people doing once a week delt.

I’ve only done it once so…

I looked it up, when you inject close to a vein in your peck or puncture one on the way in and / or some tracking occurs…testosterone to the blood stream is like taking epi to the system.

Your heart rate immediately increases (whilst standing still) and takes roughly 15-20 minutes to calm down.

Better to inject in the deltoid than the quad, too many potential nerves to it. The deltoid was the preferred injection site back when I was on injections.

No, my patients.

Men use 1in, 23g for once weekly.
Men using more frequent dosing and women use .5in, 27g.

The other references were from the old days.

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Once weekly, glute or quad. Twice or more, glute, quad or delt.

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Do you guys mean literally per blood work, or just feeling as well?

The half inch 27 gauge is my favorite. I’ve done plenty of 1 mL injections in my lats even. I do push it in, and I don’t have much fat on my lats.

In my case, I used 240mg of test per week, split into three injections using a 1/2in needle, mix of shallow IM and SQ and my TT was 1300ng e2 was 82pg, I think.

By comparison I can hit 1375ng TT using 120mg of test IM with a 1in needle. Same product (pretty sure it’s been the same brand every time). So I just figure for me I get more out of less if I do deep IM shots

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Both into the same area?

Yes delts