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1/2 Deadlift Off Blocks Vs Pins


Any real difference between doing half deadlifts from pins in a power rack compared to off 2 milk crates? Besides the bar is resting on the pins has opposed to the plates on the crates?

I finally ordered a power rack last week but i've been doing half deadlifts using the milk crates for over a mth now.



IMO the crates are likely better for your bar. But, I'd be a bit worried about how much weight the crates could support. Best would likely be wooden blocks that are reinforced every few inches accross the middle. As for which is better for you, there likely isn't much difference.


They seem to hold up pretty good. I had 451 on them a few weeks ago. I was going to run some tie wire through the holes to see if it would reinforce it but no need now since i have a rack coming!


The crates probably WILL fall apart fairly quickly. In terms of one being better for you, I may be alone in thinking this, but i always felt that i deadlift of boxes or mats or something felt more like deadlift from the floor ( technique wise) than a rack pull does. I may not have explained this properly, or maybe i just have shitty rack pull form. I just feel like the box pull has a little more carryover.


when doing elevated pulls, the concern should be about where to pull from.


For sure. But i can get lots of them for free! These crates are hard plastic btw