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1,100 Pound Tire Deadlift



Talk about bending the bar


Benni is fucking great. hahaa


I thought holding it for like 5 seconds was pretty awesome


Your avatar is what's fucking great, I'll be trying that one day I hope.

I guess he's lucky the bar bends and makes it similar in a way to a deadlift with chains...
This video has been up on youtube for ages, don't go there to watch it though the responses are enough to make you cringe.


I'm pretty sure the wrist straps did all the work.




lol that's what I was thinking ... he should be lifting w/o because that's just cheating


My wrist straps can deadlift over 400 pounds by themselves, I can only imagine what his can do.






no abs



Cheeta, do you have any idea if he'll be doing PL or strongman after he comes back?


Happy birthday Benedikt!

Great lift


that's good and all but he could get a better workout for his spine using the hammerzzz pulldown machine. my only complaint is that you have to lift the plates really high to get them on the machine.


i have a bar that bends like that :slight_smile: