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1.1, Power Cleans, and Tweaks


Just finished deloading(Read: Binge Drinking) this past week from the normal 531 cycles, and am looking forward to 3 days of lifting and more play with my weight vest.

I'm going to keep the upper body programming the same for most part, but will probably add a BBB set or two in there. For squats and deadlifts, I'm gonna squat twice a week and deadlift once; and keep it that way. And then throw power cleans in before my deadlifts on the middle day. I'll probably wear a belt while squatting on day three so I don't start crying in the power cage.

For conditioning, long walks with a weight vest aren't quite my thingâ?¦.but I do have a sweet 40m slope in my parking garage that I run with my 40# vest on. I'll probably do that twice a week, and then my 3rd conditioning workout is my hockey game.

Thoughts? Comments? Concerns?


I would do the program as Jim wrote it. Not saying you cant tweak a program to fit your goals but like he always says "when you change the program you are no longer doing the program". Maybe his full body variations would fit your goals better theyre all on his 2nd edition and beyond books


If you like your joints, I wouldn't run with a 40 lb vest on concrete.


You are free to train however you want. However, the program is written for a reason. I'm all for people following their own path but when you do, you have to have the confidence to walk alone.