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1 1/2s and Cluster Reps


Hey I was doin some reading and came across the 1 1/2 rep method of sets. I was wondering if anyone had tried doing those on a cluster reps scheme. Don't know if that would be too much stress or not. Just a thought... If anyone doesn't know what either of these are here's the link... Thanks



Have you ever tried cluster sets before? They are very heavy poundages, supposed to be close to your 1RM. I think it’s too heavy to do anything but perform the lift normally. If you’re able to do that, then you’re going too light, which defeats the purpose of cluster sets, which is to go HEAVY. In my experience…


clusters are done with 90%+ of your max. yes it will be very exhausting/taxing on your system.


See that crossed my mind that it would be wayy too hard to do 1 1/2s cluster reps. I did some 1 1/2s on front squats the other day and my legs are still sore lol…