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1 1/2 Yrs of TRT, Labs Not Showing Improvement


a year and a half ago I was put on TRT, standard protocol (100mg/wk, 500iu HCG 2 times per week)

my first labs in October 2013 came back with encouraging results: T free total at 896 (250-1100ng/dL) and T Free at 215 (35-155 pg/mL). My Estradiol climbed to 39 (0-39 pg/mL) so doc added .25/wk of anastrozole. Other items to keep under observation my platelet count at 140 (140-400 thousand/mcL)

January 2014 labs: Test free and total 534 (348-1197) Estradiol 24.5 (7.6-42.6) platelets at 150 (155-379) low.

April 2014: Test Free total 384 (348-1197) Estradiol 17.5 (7.6-42.6) and low count WBC 3.9 (4.0-10) platelets 150 (134-434) Doc removed anastrozole and bumped Test Cyp from 100 to 125mg/wk

latest labs 7/2014: Test total 238 (250-110) Test Free 34 (35-155) Estradiol 15 (< or = 39) WBC 3.7 (3.8-10.8) platelet 132 (140-400) lymphocytes 847 (850-3900 cells/mcl)

I am not feeling any better and my labs are getting worse. Friday I am going to see doc. Any ideas? What in your opinion should I push for? increasing Test to 200mg/wk?
thanks for any advice....

Mister Sandman


do you remember how long after the last shots the blood tests were?

I was prescribed 100mg test a week I got a blood test done 7 days post injection and my levels were 385ng/dl this was expected because the blood test was so far out and the Testosterone was leaving my system I'm sure 48 hours post injections my levels would have been in the 700-1000ng/dl range.


With those varying numbers I am willing to bet an arm that you are injecting once a week, and then testing at different points during the week, which makes your labs almost useless. Split your dose in two and inject twice a week or more for steadier levels. I inject EOD.

KSman has answered this through and through in the Protocol for Injections sticky.


Per Docs indications Wednesday and thursday 250iu HCG each day and Friday 125mg Test Cyp.
All my labs done on Friday mornings before Test injection but after the two HCG

BTW additional data 5'9" 177lbs BF 11% workout 5 times a week and I pay a lot of attention to my diet


Please read that sticky and inject T twice a week, take AI at that time. 250iu hCG every day is excessive, 250iu EOD should get the job done.

What are you injecting lately? Rx or possible bogus gear?


So let me get this straight, Wed 250units hCG/ Thurs 250units hCG/ Fri 125mg Test Cyp. It's clear the problem is weekly doses.

It doesn't surprise me that physicians tend to order weekly or bimonthly injections to improve compliance. Many people have trouble just taking one pill per day even if it's life-threateningly important. I'm sure the likelihood of someone being compliant with injections is even more difficult nevermind multiple weekly injections. I'm not sure asking someone to inject every 3 days is the first choice made even if it is the better approach for most people.


Docs know shit; they read the product insert info. The product info needs to be FDA approved and there is no patent on hormones, so no one will take the time+$$$ to do that. The product info goes back to non disposable syringes and docs injected T in the office. In that context, injecting patients in the office once a week or twice a week would have been too much of a patient burden. So we are stuck with that crap and most docs can't see or think their way around that.

Injecting can become a bore. But you weight the cost/benefit. Consider the burden on insulin dependent diabetics. At least some are not using insulin pumps.


I didn't make myself clear: hcg only twice weekly, once wednesday 250iu and once thursday 250iu
Test is Rx

Saw doc yesterday, bumped me to 75mg test twice a week, no AI and maintain HCG
so we'll see....