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1 1/2 scoops of Surge?

I was wondering if anybody knows if I should/could use 1 1/2 scoops of surge. I’m 158ish and the label reads that if body weight is 200lbs and under use 2 scoops, 200lbs to 225lbs use 2.5 scoops and 225lbs+ use 3 scoops. I know under 200lbs is 2 scoops but should a person 40lbs under 200lbs still be 2 scoops?

Save the sarcasm about my weight.

I think it’s OK to use only 1.5 scoops of Surge.

Yup, you’ve got the right amount.

As for your weight…

Nah. :wink:

Char im 5’7" and a golfer SO LEAVE ME ALONE!!! :wink:

BTW, thanks!

I’m a little guy, but I still use the two scoops. You know why? Because I can!


(And I love the taste of Surge. I could drink it all day!)

I here ya Nate but I’m trying to extend the bottle a little longer than 10 servings. I’m starting school again and paying for it out of my pocket so any $$$ saved here and there adds up.

I also love the taste of surge. Try mixing it with diet root beer. I hate the price though.