1,000lb Club: Thanks Jim

My name is Eric and I am currently deployed on the USS EMORY S LAND as the Undersea Medical Officer.
I wanted to put a thanks out to T-Nation and Jim for the motivation, support and 5/3/1.

I reported to my ship 6 months ago after finishing Dive School in Panama City Beach, FL. Dive School focuses more on cross fit/endurance training, and I knew that I wanted to get back to power lifting.

Lifting while deployed is challenging, the constant changing of sea states and shipboard life can make lifting difficult at times.
Added to that, we don’t have a squat rack on board, so I do front squats while at sea, and do back squats when we reach a US Navy port with a gym.

Since reporting aboard 6 months ago I have gone from a 185lb crossfitter, to 200lbs, 1,000 club member, now striving for 1,200 lb club member thanks to 5/3/1

Deadlift: Started 275, now 455
Bench: Started 225, now 295
Squat: Started 275, now 335 (parallel) *will keep improving the more US Ports and Squat racks I find.
MP: Started 95x5 now 185x3

I have started a 1,000 club on the ship for guys with similar interests and I have been teaching the principles of 5/3/1. We are having a big 1,000 lb club push when we get to the Middle East in the upcoming months.

Again thanks a lot, god bless, and Hooyah Navy.


Congrats Eric, that’s a hell of an improvement! 1,000 lb. club exists where I train, too. Pretty cool motivator.

That’s pretty sweet. We had the 1,000 pound club when I was deployed, it’s what got me into powerlifting.

Jesus - that is amazing progress and not an excuse in sight. This is ALL you and YOU are the on that put in the effort and made things happen. Congrats.

damn, 55 more pounds and I’ll be in the club.

Awesome job man, keep it up!

Semper Fi

I wish you were around when I was deployed in the Navy! Good job man!

Great job on the progress - and thanks for everything you’re doing for our country! It’s nice to know that there are people in our military who are developing REAL strength!

From a fellow squid congrats! Lifting on the ship is a real bitch. Very Impressive. We had one powerrack on our ship, but deadlifts, squats and bench were pretty difficult with the boat swaying. The brotherhood of the everyday lifters in that tiny gym is what really got me hooked into lifting. I wasn’t into powerlifting then, but the dumbbells went up to 150s, so our competitions were always who could rep the most weight with the dbs lol.

Really inspiring, no excuse to achieve what you want!

That’s one hell of a jump in your Military Press. I’m impressed and envious. Good work!

Awesome post. I was (kinda still am) a crossfitter that switched over to powerlifting as well. When I made the switch I was 185 pounds too. My conditioning was insane but my strength just sucked. I’ve used the 5/3/1 four 3 cycles now (I’m currently on my fourth) and I am getting my strength back. I’m hitting my intermediate goals with my sights on a 500 pound deadlift and a 400 pound squat. Keep going man!!!

That is too cool! Great job!