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1,000 Questions

let me start by saying I know a lot of these questions have prob already been answered but I’m a newbie to the site so I hope I’m excused…I’ve been working out for 2 years and decided to go a different route so I began my first cycle of test enth with adex as my anti-e…

Now with 7 weeks into it and not as big of a gain as I thought taking test I started to question if I was injecting into a muscle or if I’ve been wasting gear…I’ve been hitting the glute and with the aspiration I always see a clear bubble before I inject,also I always feel the discomfort the next 2 days or so…I guess my main concern is I wanna make sure I didn’t waste money and have to turn around and buy another cycle… If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated…thanks

If you aren’t eating enough to see weight gains, then you won’t see weight gains.

Whats the concentration of the gear?

How much are you injecting and how often do you inject that amount?

Is there a possibility its fake gear?


1 ml/250 mg … I inject 1ml E3D, and the gear is coming from a friend of 15 years who is also taking the same thing and amount, I’ve been eating good (3 meals a day) protein shakes, high carbs. I started off somewhere around 165 and gained 8 lbs in the 7 weeks i’ve been taking it but then dropped 2 lbs last week… I’ve already been contemplating a 2nd cycle but was gonna stack the 2nd for a better gain…

Judging by your post its your diet that is hindering your gains. and with a crappy diet usually comes poor training. I’d post up your typical diet and maybe we can help you.

FYI - This is why you make sure your diet and training are in check BEFORE you start a cycle. If it isnt then you’re right… You’re wasting your money and time. You have a lot of research to do. I suggest cutting the cycle short and getting some more knowledge about what you’re taking plus critiquing your diet/training then starting a cycle when you really are truly ready. because right now you are nowhere near ready.


I appreciate the advice but let me say that as far as my diet goes I’ve been consuming a lot of fish,pasta,and pretty much all your red meats and staying away from fatty foods…With only 3 weeks left of my cycle I pretty much want to finish it and start my pct then see what I can do as far as changing my diet to say something better then what I’m doing now…

was also wondering how much do you reccomend a deltoid injection over a glute injection, I’ve been told that deltoid injections should only be done by experienced users but just seems easier to do for me…again I do appreciate all your time and advice…thank you

Well I mean the injection itself of course is going to be easier due to not having to spin around so far.

I appreciate you thinking your diet is in check, but if you can consume the same amount cals in 3 meals that I do in 6, my hat goes off to you my friend. let me state AGAIN… I suggest you post your diet and let us critique it. If your gear is real then let me tell you, its something YOURE doing. either YOUR diet or YOUR training. end of story.


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And while it IS possible to gain weight with 3 meals a day - i know i would struggle to get in more than 3000kcal that way. Eating 3000kcal generally speaking won’t get a bodybuilder above ~170-180lbs max IME.

How tall are you? Unless your a legal midget I bet you didn’t push yourself to/near your genetic potential before jumping into gear.

You started using gear after 2yrs of training? Jesus christ that’s fucking silly.

To me, you seem to be the type looking for a short cut in everything. Read up, gain knowledge, push yourself as far as you can go with just food and some supps and maybe you’ll see some good gains.

These kids that think they should jump on some gear after they lift for a bit are annoying the hell out of me lately. They think that when they his their FIRST plateau that they have to use steroids or they won’t grow.

I gotta stop myself before I rant for another 1,000 words.

sorry OP, you just lit a fire under my ass.

I do need more calorie intake in my diet that’s for sure, I’m consuming anywhere from 1500 to 2000 calories a day which is probably normal for someone who just sits around the house also my workouts haven’t been as intense as I would like due to my work schedule…as for age,height and weight, I’m 33 (so no kid here) 6’ and 173… I probably did jump in a little to soon but let’s face it, everyone who starts their first cycle isn’t fully prepared for the roller coaster your jumping on, I will do a lot more research after I’m comfortable with my diet and training before starting another cycle but as for my first I’ve got about 3 or so weeks left to see where it takes me…

Your lifestyle is NOT conductive to AAS use.

2000kcal and sit around all day and STILL not even managing to train intensely when you do manage to get there? That is pathetic.

Sorry to say this to you - but you embarrass yourself. You are posting on a forum that is about hardcore lifting and think it is ‘ok’ to be using these drugs when you don’t eat nor train properly - and have the audacity to question the efficiacy of the drugs!


I realise that steroids to an ‘outsider’ such as yourself are simply a way to achieve great results with less effort - and if you do give effort you look like a bodybuilder.
However to those who are actually educated in the action/reaction factors it is no stretch of their intelligence to understand that in order for the body to have the reaction of building tissue, it will need stimulus.
Steroids alone do NOT build muscle. Add to this the fact that if you do not eat adequate protein, and DO train, you still will not realise your goals.

My advice to you is come off this cycle, don’t buy another - and if the day comes where you train with intensity consistently and eat more than the female recommended government guideline… THEN maybe think about creatine and whey.

1500-2000 cals, my dieting girlfriend eats this much.

It’s not even that you’re unprepared… You are completely wasting your money. You have no idea what you are doing. Research is crucial to your cycle being successful. The amount of time you put into research will definitely impact the results.