1,000 lb. Club

I finally made the 1,000 lb. club for the combined weights of max bench press, deadlift, and squat. Thanks to my first cycle my new max bench is 315, max squat is 335, and max deadlift is 405 for a total of 1,055 lbs. Not too bad for someone who is 19 year olds and 215 lbs. What are your stats people?


thats interesting…I wonder…if a person uses drugs, can they ever really say ‘they’ lifted the weight??? or should you say the drugs lifted the weight using your body???

Using no anabolic gear, my best lifts at 180lbs are 265 bench, 425 deadlift, and 435 squat. Not too bad for an old man of 35.

Mmmmm…let me see. My max bench is 190, my max dead is 210 and my max squat is 140…so total is…mmmm…540!!! Well, I’m in the 500 club, that’s cool!

Hey Andre, isn’t that some Televangelist show? Oh wait, that’s the 700 Club.

Well at the young age of 51 and 172lbs, I can hit 140 on the bench,175 squat and deadlift 210, so I suppose that only totals 525. Well another member of the 500 club, and Juice free I might add. Dan

37 years old. 182lbs. 340 bench, 440 squat, 495 deadlift. No juice. Starting the 1st cycle of my life in January.

Mr. Natural T-man,

I respect your personal choice to not use drugs, but I disagree with your comment. These points are exactly the reason the I.O.C. drives me crazy. Just because someone uses performance enhancing drugs, it doesn’t mean they didn’t bust their ass in the gym. In fact you will not find a world class athlete who doesn’t have amazing genetics and one that hasn’t busted their ass to get where they are. Drugs are only a tool, just like proper nutrition, periodization and proper rest. That’s my two cents.

when I was playing high school football my stats at 17yrs old where 1300lbs combined bench, 315 squat 450, deadlift 535. I would have gone up my senior year but I ended up having 3 knee surgaries. My totals were ony sixth best in school history. We had thousand lb club as sophomores. Oh by the way 1000% clean.

These are all certified lifts from the 1996 ADFPA Collegiate Nationals meet. I weighed in officially at 157lbs. which put me in the 165lb. category. Bench 245; Squat 430; DL 495 for a total of 1170lbs.

Just competed in my first comp, bench 275, squat 330 and deadlift 465 total 1070. Very upset with my squat, for some reason I didn’t have it in me. Oh well there’s always next time. Oh yeah I was in the 165 weight class

my maxes are for bench 400 powerclean 250 and squat 550, and i am 19 years old

my best totals were in a max testing for varsity athletes at my university . Bench 380 Squat 625 deadlift 505. i was 20 at 255 22%bf with no chemical assistance.

I’m 31 years young and my lifts now are bench 380 squat 500 and dead 500. I used to compete, but old age and a wife made me stop. I used to compete in the old ADFPA (drug FREE).

Prior to injuries, at a bodyweight of 140lb, my best bench has been 215lb, best parallel squat about 295, and deadlift about 275. Not bad for a little guy who doesn’t even do any powerlifting. I’m too weak for that.

Besides, my squats are deep now, so the most I’ve done deep is 225lb and probably had a little more in me. But I’m practically starting all over again now that I’m rehabbing. But I’ll never be that strong. I don’t have it in me. Too many slow-twitch fibers.

You guys are Freaks!!! I cant even do half the weight you guys are doing. And i consider myself pretty strong.

Although when you guys say 400 squat, do you mean ALL the way down? No way, there is nothing worse than watching a guy at the gym load up the bar with weight and then go down 1 inch, it looks ridiculous.

with a powerlifting suit on and competition rules- squat 650, bench 352, deadlift 635. in meets i’ve actually hit 600 squat and deadlift. shooting for more in my next meet in may. hoping to set some state records. bw was 181 pounds. now i’ll be lifting in the 198 pound class.

with just knee wraps and a belt, i’ve squatted 585. with just a belt, deadlifted 585.

never taken any steroids. my best lifts were several years ago before i started taking androsol. had more time and better workout partners then who would push me beyond my imagination.

Are these squats bodybuilder ass to calves squats or the powerlifting type where you dont go down that far?

Back in high school, when I was my strongest and I was on juice, Bench 405, squat 630, and power clean (we didn’t do DL) 345. I weighed 275 @ ?17% BF? and was taking 800mg of test200 a week.
Of course, I now that I am natural, I # are 285 bench, 405 squat, and 300 DL.

My best lifts while on the juice were a 495 bench, 750 squat and 725 deadlift at a body weight of 280. These are just totals from the gym as I have never competed. No 5 years later and having been clean since '95 and after major shoulder surgery I have gotten 405 on the bench (with pause), 675 squat (belt and knee wraps only) and 625 dead (belt only). Once again, these are gym totals, not competition. Body weight of 271 @ 15% bf. Supplements taken: Tribex, Methoxy-7, Ribose-C and MD6 before every workout. Not quite as good as on the juice, but I’m not disappointed.