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1,000 IU of hCG 2x Week?


My Doc has me starting on hCG - a bit of a long (and unnecessary) story on why this has taken so long.....

But - he wants me to take 1,000 iu's twice a week. That is higher than I've ever seen anyone dose for "testicle therapy".

When I mentioned the 100 to 250 iu doses I've witnessed on countless forums, he stated that those are "weight loss doses / for daily use" and not for the purpose we intend.

Any comments? That just seems so high to me. Thus far I've gone as high as 300 ius, and arguably I have yet to feel any effect as of yet.....

On a side note - I may have ruined my hCG (explaining the lack of reaction) - I was not home when it arrived and had it stored in the freezer. It think that may have ruined it as it advises not to freeze (which seems odd as it's a freeze-dried product)


Google Michael Scally MD. He seems to be the guru on restarts, and uses scary amounts of hCG.

I'm only one day ahead of you in finding this info, so come on back with anything you learn. My 250 ius aren't doing squat for me, either.


Don't let the MD behind his name fool you, he actually does not have a license to practice medicine currently...up to you if you want to take his advice or not...


1000iu of HCG is a standard dose for mono-therapy. Some people have great results and others it drives E2 through the roof.


lol - well, I have my answer - last blood test my E2 was 67 (arguably I have been on very low-dose Anastrozole - we upped it)


response to the 10-01 post

and for others it can overload their lydeg cells and permenantly shuts them down causing primary hypogonadism.


Guys, research showed that 250iu SC EOD is a replacement dose in terms of restoring intratesticular testosterone levels in young normal men who are HPTA repressed with T injections. Higher doses, as pointed out above create high E2 levels and those high E2 levels are mostly not controllable with anastrozole. And high doses can desensitized the LH receptor cells, which is a really making things worse. Higher for a very brief period of time might be OK, but there is no data in any case. You will find a lot of old references on the WW about using high doses. There is a lot of bro-science where they all tell each other crap. You have to be very careful about what you hear on steroid forums.

In any case, one needs to test for E2 and T levels. If E2 is high and cannot be managed with anastrozole then you need less hCG. Some cannot manage 250iu EOD.

Never stack hCG and SERMs as the increase in LH plus the hCG has the same effect as too much hCG.

Most docs are idiots, found another one.

hCG mono therapy can work for younger guys with secondary hypogonadism - rare to see good results with older guys.

If you had an earlier thread, this belonged there.

Your increased anastrozole may be useless. Some have taken 1mg/day or more and not been able to win [or afford] the high dose hCG game. If you understand how this competitive drugs works then you could understand how it cannot control T-->E2 inside the testes where hCG may push intratesticular testosterone levels up to 100 times higher than serum levels.