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1,000 Calorie Meal Ideas


looking to get some people insights on approx 1,000 calorie muscle building meals. Any thoughts?


chicken breast 8 oz (cooked)- 50 g protein, 200 calories

1 cup white rice- 140 g carb, 560 calories

grass fed butter 2 tablespoons- 22 g fat, 200 calories

Total- 960 calories


400 grams cooked salmon = 720 cals
4 medium sized boiled eggs = 260 cals
100 grams raw kale = 40 cals
Might want to flavor with oregano (5 cals tsp), salt, and apple cider vinegar (1 cal tbsp), totalling 1026 cals


1 liter of milk: 650 calories
drink another one: 650 calories

Total: 1300 calories, 70gr protein, 95gr carbs, 70gr fat.


Ice cream


1 litre with scoops of whey? Seems easier.




9 pounds of spinach.


1 cup milk-150
1 cup oatmeal-300
1 banana-120
1/2 cup cottage cheese-120
1 scoop protein powder-120
1 tbsp peanut butter-200

1 super delicious high calorie protein shake- 1, 010.





1,000 tic tacs


and 16 oz of water


Way too much protein for me, it would be a waste. You also would need about 6-7 scoops. That would taste like crap, I guess.


Way too much protein for me[/quote]

Never thought I'd read these words on tnation


wel actually 1 litre of milk would be 35g of protein, then 2 scoops of whey would be around 45g of protein so the macros are almost the same just less fat n carbs. 7 scoops of whey is like 150g of protein.


How many calories are in a baby?

Adding peanut butter, coconut oil, or olive oil is a simple way to bump any meal up.


4 Smores Pop Tarts, toasted, and a glass of milk, ice cold.


1 cup extra virgin olive oil.

How many grams is that? Because that's how many grams of fat it contains.


hey this isn't a shabby idea.

make categories, 500, 1000, 1500, 2000 kcal meal suggestions. as some like to eat 6 times a day and some only 1-2.
it's probably alot of sites doing this allreay.

well my 1000kcal meal would be:
8 eggs scrambled 780 kcal
alot of spinach or other green lettuce of choice. not counting this.
6 tbsp of those dry-roasted pumpkin seeds 250 kcal

total of 1030 kcal. u can easily bump it up to 1500 by adding more pumpkinseeds and sprinkling olive oil on it.