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1,000 Attempt Citizen's Arrest Of Bush


As George Bush made his appearance and speech today at the United Nations in NYC, 1,000 people issued a citizen's arrest warrant against him for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The day began with twelve separate feeder marches converging from across the city, consisting of perhaps several hundred protesters. The people carried 20 large coffins with them and marched from all five boroughs toward Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza and the UN Building where Bush was speaking. The feeder marches were organized by Arrest Cheney First, the War Resister's League, Witness Against Torture, Movement for a Democratic Society (MDS-NYC) and others.



Ecuador's hunky president bailed on Bush's U.N. dinner after hearing his speech:

"I did not go to the dinner. I was going to go, but I suspended (my attendance) in protest against the barbarities in his speech. He does not have the right to have given such a base, retarded speech nowadays in the 21st century."



Funny, if these guys tried this in China, they'd roll tanks over them. That is why they could pick on America and get away with it.


They did go for Bush and not America.

Sad that I have to point out the difference.


Barbarities in his speech? Did he veer off onto some "erase them from the pages of history" tangent? Did he stop in the middle and pee on a Koran? More importantly is the rest of the world protected from 'speech barbarities' under the Geneva Convention?

Nice to know that the "hunky" President of Ecuador doesn't have any real input as to the rights of our President. All your base are belong to us.


Ants at a picnic.


Hahaha, great little reference there.


Don't play stupid. You know full well any time a Republican speaks, it is only to spread hatred and bile. Bush is just currently the worst of the bunch, being the devil and all.

I'm sure the mega-hot Ecuadorian Presidente would feel much more comfortable at a speech given by the super-sexy Ahmadenijad, who as we know, speaks nothing but truth and love and peace and hope.


Your the best MrRezister- DK


Don't hate me because I'm hilarious.

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I'm a fan not a hater.


What were you dudes talikin' about? ssn0's avatar fucked me up for a sec...


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