091205 London Open

Bw 90.6Kg with a protein shake in the morning + 5kg since the British in July but not been bulking that much in the past 4-6 weeks as it’s tiring. I’m happy to sit at 90.6kg for a while and see what I can lift

Quite a big field 15-16 lifters in the 94kg category, so we had a 2 comp platform! half the lifters on one and the other on the other. They could load the bars up faster and the crowd could see people lift faster. A first for me.

It made warming up weird to judge as you had to count your groups and the others but you had less time…

My coach was shaking hsi head on Mon and Wednesday at my opening starters…LOL but I’ve done 118 3-4 weeks ago and felt confident (well seeing as I’ve failed 120kg about 5x in the past 8 weeks and 12x over the last
145 I had done once about 8 weeks ago and I was more consistent with 140 in that time also

Snatch warm up
bar work : bar felt very light = good sign, tapering off helped
40 x 2
50 x 2
60 x 1
70 x 1
80 x 1
90 x 1
100 x 1
110 x 0: bashed it in front, didn’t keep it in

Snatch Comp:
1: 120 : missed behind, swung a bit over head
2: 120 : +4kg comp PB GOT IT! f0ck yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss THIS MAKES it 1 out of 14 lifts baby! stick that! Kept the bar closer, got under it rock solid, tried to get up, got pinned, set myself and drove back up biggrin.gif nailed the bast!
3: 125 : said 122 but it got missed up so I went out to do 125, cool it had 2 red plates, not far off and it’s on video, the first two attempts aren’t on video so thats a bit rubbish but i got it and I see big things for me next year in the 94kg class biggrin.gif

Clean and Jerks
bar work
50 x 2
70 x 1
90 x 1
110 x 1
120 x 1
130 x 1
140 x 0: Jerk off
lower my 145 starter to 143

Clean and Jerk Comp:
1: 143 : robbed, I got 2 to 1 against, robbed I tell you!
2: 145 : + 3kg comp PB, stuck it better, less dancing, shorter dip also, need to be faster but I’ll take this smile.gif, prettier then my other 145 in training!
3: 150 : Not enough on the Jerk, Clean was good. got pinned 10months ago and some solid squats over the past 3 months and +5kg bw made it easy, got pinned a bit off balanced and then it drove me back down but I powered up,

120 : + 4kg
145 : + 3kg
=265kg total: +7kg PB

REALLY happy, stuck 120 after 13 failures in competition and about 10 in training over the past 27months. Broke my savage 27months of no PB’s which was sick…

I felt broke on the way back home from the comp and I felt even worse when waking up on Sunday. Like I had been beasted by guys with baseball bats.


Way to go. It’s always great to hear of someone breaking a PB in a competition.

kick ass!

for a second it looked like you were going to drop the weight on the judge in front of you. That’s probably why they stole 143kg from u.

Great job man, love to see this.

I was robbed on the 143, but I got 145 so that makes up for it :slight_smile:


Nice lifting…the 143 was definitely good IMO

You are a very vocal lifter haha but the lifts looked powerful, quick split on the jerk. Good luck with the double-red snatch at your next comp.

[quote]OrangeBroccoli wrote:
You are a very vocal lifter haha but the lifts looked powerful, quick split on the jerk. Good luck with the double-red snatch at your next comp.[/quote]

The ladies tellme I’m very vocal also…lol

Yeah the 125 is a few more months away but we’ll see when it rocks over. I’d be more then happy with 121 in the next few weeks!

Need to iron out the Jerks properly which is a never end battle!


strong work buddy. You crushed those firt jerks and that 3rd one looked badass as well but i can imagine it being just a hair out of the taco.

I love how there’s someone who makes me look quiet.


Well done!