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091121: First Strongman Comp!


3 categories:

I weighed in at 90.4kg :frowning: they didn't have 'competition' grade scales as it was just a local strong man comp by crossfit guys. So I got f0cked and ended up competiting against
124kg guys!

Scoring is reverse so the winner gets 1pt, 2nd gets 2 sot he lowest score at the end of the day wins. Order of where you come dictates where you go in the next event, 1st goes last etc,

1st event: over head shot put 5kg: I got 15.56m and came 2nd, I should have done better but the 124kg guy I know and he does some weightlifting so he has some power and he's about 6'2 so he is a lot taller then me so gets a huge advantage from what height he throws from!

2nd event: 60seconds push jerk/ over head for reps with 70% of bw
the 97kg guy did 24reps and I was thinking...hmmmm...Im f0cked! I don't do any endurance work. I had 62.5kg and the first few reps were a bit shakey and then I got in to my stride and managed 25reps and had 10seconds to go and I just left it as I was smashed to pieces and I didn't need anymore.
total: 3

3rd event: 180kg DL hold for time
this would have been the 5th time I've DL 180kg and I don't do any grip work anymore, too lazy, but use to smasn the CoC1 and 2 (no3 would dominate me), the 97kg guy got 61s, by 15s my grip was falling but I kept holding on, the bar was thicker then a regular oly bar which I'm use to also, kept on with my double over hand hook grip and got 62seconds :smiley:
total: 4


It started to rain so everything was getting wetter

4th event: medley timed
65kg anvil: carry 10m
85kg (each side) farmers walk for 10m
200kg tyre flip for 5flips : felt a lot easier then I thought it would be
total: 8

5th event: 2tonne flat bed truck pull for 25 or 30m?
4th : a lot of fun! Felt easier to get it moving but not as fast as the other guys!
total: 12

6th event: load truck medley
65kg keg bear hug, can't use handles or the bottom, got to bear hug the middle of the 65kg keg filled with water, 60m
run back 40m to pick u the 2x 30kg sand bags, sandbags must be on shoulders, can't carry on your front
run back 20m to pieck up 2x25kg weights on each side and carry to load on to the flat bed
4th with a 76s time, I was f0CKING SMASHED, so fatiguing man, seriously fatiguing, I dare anyone to do the above and not be smashed to pieces!

I came joint 2nd overall, the 124kg won, he did very well on the last 3 events,

It was a lot of fun and I'm definitely going to sign up for next years event :smiley:



I was surprised they didn't give you a "down" command on your press. From my limited experience there's usually a "Press" command and a "Down" command to signify that you've locked it out.


It's a smaller crossfit/ strongman type of event, nothing affialiated. The guy said 'rep' to signify a good rep. He didn't count a few of another guys rep due to not locking fully over head.



awesome! looked like a good time


Great job man