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'09 Goals & How I'm Going to Get There


I've been working on some goals for the new year and was wondering if Im on the right track to completing them. Im currently 5'10" 188lbs 15%bf

-Bring up shoulders/traps/calves.
-Hit 200lbs at ~15-14%.
-Front squat 315 for at least 5 currently 315 is my 1RM.(Haven't work on these in a few weeks)
-Incline Bench 315 for a single. 265 is current 1RM (Same except haven't done these in a year)
-Deadlift 405 for at least 5. (Mainly been working on rows and rack pulls for the last couple months.
-Some misc. Strongman goals.

Heres how Im planning on doing it:

C_C's 5/3/1 split
Day 1 - Chest/Back
-Low-Incline Bench 5/3/1
-Decline HS Press
-Deadlifts 5/3/1
-Rack Chins
-HS high Rows

Day 2 - off

Day 3 - Legs
-Front Squat 5/3/1
-Leg press widowmaker
-Leg Curls
-Seated calf

Day 4 - Delts(+Traps if needed)
-Smith High Incline Shoulder Press 5/3/1
-Lateral Raise Machine
-Reverse Pec Deck 3-4
-HS shrug 3-4

Day 5 - Arms
-Inhumans 5/3/1
-Dead Stop skulls
-Ez bar curls
-Pinwheel Curls
-(Extra machine work)

Day 6- Delts/Traps/Sprints
-HS shoulder press
-Front Raises
-Rev Flyes
-Rack Pulls

Day 7- Strongman

What do you all think of Day 6? I read Thibs recommends frequency to bring up a lagging body part.

The sprints would be my only cardio aside from everyday walking/riding my bike which I do for about an hour or more everyday. Which will hopefully help me keep my fat down.

As far as my diet goes I gave myself alot of leeway since I've started eating with my gf in the meal halls, which is not a good decision. Since she bitches if I want to walk across campus when there is no protein sources in the cafeteria. Plus class schedule is a bitch :frowning:
I'm starting to clean it up tomorrow.
Here are my set meals of the day:

5-6 eggs
1/3 cup of cheese
1 cup of cottage cheese
a couple drops of yogurt to make the cottage cheese go down easy
a cup of coffee or milk
(I also have the option of throwing in a waffle with sugar free syrup or oatmeal. Would more carb restriction be better to keep my fat gain down?)

2 (pre workout)
44g protein
50g carbs (30malto/20dex)

3 (postworkout)-
4-5 eggs
1/3 cup of cheese
~2-400 calories of any meat source they serve that day
The carb sources are pretty limited at this dining hall and cant go to the other because its too far away from my classroom/the gym. Rice/bread/waffles/pizza/beans (I usually get beans)

4-(In class)

2 1/2 cups of cottage cheese
5-6 strawberries
or a chicken breast if I can get some

Whatever meat I can find.

2 cups cottage cheese

Cottage cheese farts

Does that look like a pretty decent diet for gaining weight? I haven't had a problem so far but I hit a little plateau last week.

Hope you guys can give me some pointers, I'll post results new years day lol.


I would share my college cafeteria experience with you concerning bulking, but I would then be forced to light myself on fire to forget about the experience. My point being, eat outside of the cafeteria if you are really being forced to mold your diet to its food contents.

Now, if the cafeteria is loaded with unseasoned chicken breasts, eggs and all other kinds of goodies, then, by all means. Otherwise, take a lesson from my experience.


I've heard that most are pretty bad. Mines not unless I forget to keep my fridge stocked, I go in with tupperware and grab as much as I can (got 5 chicken breasts last night)

From 730 to 230 they have pretty much unlimited eggs/cottage cheese. After that its hit or miss sometimes theyll have burgers and chicken breasts others theyll have 2 rice based dishes. Its really a toss up unless they put the menu up online.

Outside of that I give myself 10 bucks to spend on extra food outside of the cafe which is either strawberries for my shakes or 5lbs of frozen burgers that I can cook between classes.

I also heard you can go eat at the athletic training table, which I might check out if I can find it.