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09 Arnold's on Live



Victor's legs weren't bad like I thought they would be.


I think it's Vics show after watching pre-judging...

I wasn't too impressed with Kai...



I can't stand how this shit isn't on tv.

If ESPN can show spelling bees and arm wrestling, this can find a time slot as well.


Preach it brotha! Preach!


The olympia actually was on TV for a brief spurt...

It's the whole 'steeerrooiiddzz are bad for you thing' so they don't cover it...thats my guess...


  1. Kai
  2. Victor
  3. Branch

Toney, Silvio, and Moe in the second final callout

Should come down to the night show...


I know what you're saying, and I agree. It's just retarded when no one has a problem with pro baseball, track and field, or football being shown.

Then again (devil's advocate) you can say that certainly not all baseball/track/football players use, whereas pretty much any pro competeing at this stage will be on gear.

Still annoying though =)


you really think Kai has what it takes to take the crown.

It is all opinion so this is discussion and not argument...lol

I think Kai was just too blocky and if anything wasn't quite as conditioned as he was last year.

Still impressive, but I think Vic's shape, etc will take it.

In some of the pics you can see a difference in his legs, but I think it's negligible when it comes to the judging...

not enough to knock him off.



Branch looked out of breath like he was about to pass out. He does have crazy conditioning that is on the same level as Silvio.

Marcus Haley had trouble even hitting some poses as if his muscles wouldn't flex right. He apparently had a leg injury and had to limp down the steps to get off stage.

Toney Freeman is the best put together (as far as V-taper)...but he is lacking in overall size when compared with Kai and Vic.

That means it all depends on what the judges are rewarding. If they are going after proportion primarily, then Freeman would be closer to the top of the pack.

Vic will probably get first. How they pick second place depends on what they give priority to. If they go for v-taper, Freeman is it. If they want more size, Kai is it.


lol holy shit Kai is massive. IDK DG I think it's going to be close.

He looks dryer than vic to me


Judging by the call outs I don't think Freeman is making top 2 and would be lucky to hit top 3..imo



were can i see this shit, i can't see wma files on my bootleg computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



That's what the PS3 is for. Big screen viewing.



you know X, i hope your whey is clumpy and doesn't mix well for the next two months.



It's incredible that Freeman would be "lacking in overall size" considering how heavy he is. Just goes to show how much muscle tall guys really do have to put on to compete.


you know X, i hope your whey is clumpy and doesn't mix well for the next two months.



Branch has to have the grainiest looking chest ever.


any others? Kai dried out pretty well for being 290lb a few weeks ago, if he was that heavy.

rooting for this guy, Toney and Vic seem worthy as well.


i just compared the two, Vic way better V-taper, but Kai's chest is now comparable, and he (Kai)owns back, legs, glutes. Kai is bigger and drier than Vic.

can't wait to see Toney.

you fuckers already saw this shit and i'm waiting to watch the re-runs on youtube.


Lots of pictures here:


Kai looks great.


Kia and Toney are taking it.